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PeppyCats’ Story

Our CEO, who is a cat’s mom of two, was heavily disheartened when she could not find adequate supplies for her rescued babies.

She searched and researched for every cat supply that she needed, to no avail. Products were scattered around different websites, and the quality was not at par either. The whole experience was cumbersome. She thought to herself “Getting a cat should never be this stressful”. This is how PeppyCats was conceived.

With a cat mom, who wanted to make cat parenting a little easier. She then set out to find like-minded, animal-loving people and made PeppyCats a reality.

Our sole aim is to provide our customers with the perfect supplies for their favorite family member, so our cats know just how special they really are!

Now, with PeppyCats, shop cat accessories online with ease

Why Choose Us?

Have you ever wondered what cat products your little ones needed and got lost because you weren’t exactly sure since they can’t convey it in words? PeppyCats is just the thing for you. 

  • A one-stop site for online cat supplies.
  • The smoothest online cat shopping experience is guaranteed when customers stop here. 
  • Whether it is a little kitten or an adult cat, we cater to them all. 
  • Be it their hygiene, grooming, or their playthings, a cat parent, now, has nothing to worry about. 
  • Quality is something we don’t compromise with. With a premium range of product lines, our goal is to not give our customers any chance to complain.
  • With a product range as wide as ours, shop cat accessories online easily. We’re confident in our products and can assure you of the fact that you’ll find everything you need, at just one-stop. 
  • Every cat is different. So, it’s only normal that different things work for them, as well. With PeppyCats’ plethora of cat supplies in every range, customers are bound to find products that work for them. 
  • We have made it a point to make cat parenting easy, so amateur or professional, our in-site blog tackles various cat-related issues
  • We have a vision and we work every day towards realizing it. Pets are no less than our children and shopping for their products should be as hassle-free as loving them. With this vision, we move forward and aim to make it a seamless experience for our customers.

Cat Accessories Shop

To ensure a phenomenal shopping experience, we would like to provide you with a list of our cat accessories products.

  • Food: The food section caters to everyday cat food and special treats for the times when they have been exceptionally good. The nourishment provided by the cat food ensures that they live their best lives, and the fact that the treats are low on calories ensures that they lead good, healthy lives.
  • Toys: Cat toys that work as great mental stimulators that would keep your cat active all day.
  • Furniture: Cat beds that resemble caves so your cat is comfortable while feeling like they are in their natural habitat. Cat trees and cat plants are also available at unbelievable prices.
  • Health Supplies: Maintaining hygiene is extremely important when it comes to cats, dive into our wide range of supplies and keep your cats healthy and happy.
  • Cat Feeder: In this hard and fast world, our collection of cat feeders is easy to clean and hence, less time-consuming.
  • Cat Litter Box: Hygienic cat litters with self-cleaning and non-clumping properties are available at PeppyCats.
  • Cat Trolley: A cat trolley is a great investment if a cat parent is always on the move. They make it exceptionally convenient to carry cats around, without any accidents.

Cat Product Highlights

Images of the products

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Email Us @ cataccessories18@gmail.com

Hope Your experience with us will be Great!