8 Tips of Cat Training by Using Different Cat Accessories

You need to take baby steps while cat training by discouraging bad behavior and rewarding the good ones. Given their highly independent nature, cats might seem to be a bit aloof in abiding by your commands. However, you can influence their behavior by displaying constant perseverance whether you have just adopted a week-old kitten or a senior stray.

Cat accessories can have a big role to play in determining the efficacy of the training program. Today we are going to take a look at some pointers which can be of immense help in acclimatizing your cat with the accessories whether it’s a bow tie, collar, or climbing system.

Tips For Your Cat Training

1. Firstly, you need to determine the things you wish to teach your feline about the usage of cat accessories and slowly move them towards the same. However, before starting with the training program, you need to decide on the commands you will be using so that you don’t end up using diverse commands for the same action.

2. Given the fact that your cat’s attention span is shorter in comparison to yours, you simply cannot expect them to be interested in the cat accessories every time. So, rather than deciding on the time limit yourself, you should let the lesson decide how long your kitty is willing to spend in your company.

3. Certain kittens might get potty trained rather quickly especially if they see their mothers using the litter box. However, you might be required to lead back the little ones to litter cat accessories in the early stages for developing the habit.

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4. If you are trying to introduce your cat to a new toy, then you need to give them adequate time for exploring these by themselves rather than imposing the same upon them. You need to respect their personal space so that they can slowly get accustomed to the brand-new cat accessories. You can readily participate once they have acquainted themselves with the same.

5. Even if you are feeling extremely excited about the cat training program, it is advisable not to jump in straight away. It is better to teach your cat one lesson at a time.

6. You should try and acclimatize your cat with the use of various cat accessories in different areas of your home except for specific ones such as litter boxes or scratching posts. 

7. At the end of the day, your goal should be to make your cat social rather than territorial. You can thus invite your friends and family to assist your cat in socializing with them. However, you need to remind them about not being too forward while using the cat accessories for drawing their attention.

8. A good reward system needs to be in place for reinforcing good behavior while conducting the training drive. You can speak in an upbeat and kind voice for reminding them about how proud you are by saying “good job” or “what a good kitty,” while scratching or petting their fur.

As an alternative reward for their positive approach towards cat accessories, you can reward them with small nibbles of food. You can implement a clicker tool in this program so that your cat associates the clicking sound with the signal of a job well done. This, in turn, will reinforce good habits in your cat and urge them to place their best feet forward.

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Final Note

You need to understand that while training cats and dealing with cat accessories, your feline might make mistakes. Punishing your cats is a strict no-no as they literally won’t have any idea about what caused the trouble in the first place.

As a matter of fact, this can make them feel more reclusive. You should thus keep your voice calm and never shake, slap, or physically correct your kitten while training them with cat accessories. We can shop cat accessories online while giving the training.

If your kitty ever starts feeling threatened by you, then the cat training program will begin to fail and they will start maintaining a safe distance.

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