Types of Cat Breeds and Their Biggest Health Problems

Cats come in an array of shapes and sizes which brings greater variation in the types of diseases and ailments faced by them. Today we are going to take a look at some common cat breeds and the health issues faced by them.

Types of Cat Breeds

1. Persian Cat

Persian Cat

Health problems are not very popular among this breed given their distinctive long coat. However, the owner needs to spend a substantial amount of time on its grooming.

The long coat of these cat breeds makes it difficult for them to care for themselves thus making grooming mandatory. Tangles, knots, and eventually skin problems might develop when these cats are left unattended for long.

For ensuring your cat’s health, you might even be required to shave their fur completely if the skin problems get out of hand. The distinctive short nose and flat face of Persian cats also serve as a potent cause of ailments as they lead to both breathing and eye troubles.

Blocked tear ducts make it mandatory to clean out your Persian cat’s eyes frequently.

2. Sphynx

Lack of protective fur is the biggest factor threatening this cat’s health. Oils that normally disperse all along the hair shafts of their peer cats develop a tendency of accumulating on their skin making regular bathing mandatory. Lack of a cushioning furry coat also makes them more vulnerable to chances of injury and even sunburn during the scorching summer season. This is why it becomes imperative to keep them indoors for ensuring the best of your cat’s health.

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3. Scottish Fold

These cat breeds are born with skeletal problems which take the shape of stiffened and shortened tails. Research studies have revealed that the Scottish Fold gene can adversely affect the cartilage lying beyond the ears and tag along with progressive arthritis with different levels of severity.

While homozygous cats having dual gene copies suffer disabling and painful abnormalities early in life, your Heterozygous cat’s health gets affected by such problems only in the later stage or might not show any such signs of abnormality at all. This is the biggest reason why cats having folded ears are not bred together and are always outcrossed with cats having normal ears.

If you wish to bring home a Scottish Fold, then it is essential to purchasing the same from a reputable breeder. Your cat’s health can be ensured by guaranteeing a careful breeding program at the very onset. Flexibility and length of tail serve as early indicators of health anomalies. Joint problems can also serve as a major issue as your cat ages and matures making early diagnosis and proper treatment mandatory.

4. Manxes

These cats are born tailless which might not pose as a big health threat but the carrier gene surely can. Your cat’s health might be in substantial danger if the homozygous kittens having two copies of the gene die early during the development and are reabsorbed.

Skeletal and neural defects are shown by the stillborn kittens causing the surviving heterozygous ones to be born with fused pelvic bones and vertebrae thus leaving them chronically constipated. This big problem in your cat’s health might cause the poor felines to lose control over their bladder, bowel, and even hind legs as their spinal cord remain shorter than normal.

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5. Munchkin

This short-legged cat breeds health might get adversely affected by a skeletal abnormality known as thoracic lordosis. There also lie chances of problems that can arise when dual copies of the gene go lethal post-mating two short-legged cats. Climbing becomes a gruesome task for these little cuddly cats making indoor life the safest option for them.

At the end of the day, it is essential to understand that your cat’s health might succumb to ailments just like their human owners. Thus, rather than worrying, it is advisable to choose the breed you like the most and make every single day memorable with them.

Final Note

In the end, we all should know about what type of cat breeds have what kind of health problems, and ways to deal with those problems. cats are very sensitive in nature. They get easily suffered from health issues if they do not get good care.

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